ChickPls: Eat more plants.

Vegetarian information and inspiration for starting a plant based diet.

  • From Meat to Beet - Why I started a plant-based diet For a long time I had been interested in ways to make positive change in the world . I’ve done my research and discovered one of the leading causes of environmental destruction is Animal Agriculture, which is the mass production of animals for human consumption. While there are many … Continue reading From Meat to Beet
  • vegetables Meat Free for One Month - MY FIRST MONTH AS A VEGETARIAN One of my goals for 2017 was to try vegetarianism for one entire month, that meant eating a plant based diet while completely removing meat and fish from my meals. On the cusp of “New Year Resolution January” I decided February would be my goal, bonus, it is the shortest … Continue reading Meat Free for One Month
  • food documentaries Vegucational Films - The best food documentaries on netflix I watched the following documentaries to educate myself about how eating a plant-based diet influences economics, health, animal welfare and the environment. I will warn you, once you learn the reality of the damage we are causing by mass producing meat you may decide to start your own transition … Continue reading Vegucational Films
  • plant based information Helpful Resources - Here is a list of websites i used to learn about going meat free Some people are capable of going cold-turkey and cutting meat from their diet entirely. Other people may benefit from gradually reducing their consumption until it feels more normal. To help myself with my one-month goal I decided that some education on … Continue reading Helpful Resources
  • Plant Based Protein - But what about protein? This is probably THE MOST COMMON question anyone will hear from a carnivore who doesn’t know about the wonderful world of plant protein. In Western society the word protein is associated with chicken, beef and fish – not beans, legumes, and ancient grains. This is a cultural norm that has developed … Continue reading Plant Based Protein