strong woman at work

What is your persona?

Who i think you are

The most recent activity I’ve been tasked with in my marketing project is to create personas for the students who take our courses (to read more about what I do click here). I thought it would be a good exercise to build a persona for the people who are reading my blog. Let’s see if I hit the nail on the head or If I’m way off the mark!

Name: Sarah

Job title: Project Coordinator

Details about role: busy environment, hectic schedule, competing priorities


  • 25-50
  • Female
  • $30 – $65,000
  • Urban
  • University Degree
  • Single/Newly Married/New Family

Goals and Challenges

  • Live a healthy life
  • Cook healthy food for friends and family
  • Create a greener world

This is a very high level example of ONE persona. This is not to say that I think everyone reading my blog is named Sarah with the attributes I’ve outlined. I can create 3-5 personas and this will help me understand who I am writing to. I want to make sure the message I’m sharing relates with you, Sarah.


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