Meat Free for One Month


One of my goals for 2017 was to try vegetarianism for one entire month, that meant eating a plant based diet while completely removing meat and fish from my meals. On the cusp of “New Year Resolution January” I decided February would be my goal, bonus, it is the shortest month in the year.

One key to my success was knowing that I wasn’t committed to this diet forever, I only had to get through 28 days as a vegetarian and then reflect on the experience. I did not put pressure on myself to continue beyond this short time period. This made the changes easier to accept.


  • Pinterest became by bestfriend, take a look at some of my favourite healthy plant based recipes here
  • My skin cleared up
  • I found mental clarity
  • Day 5 was tough, tip: stay close to a bathroom
  • I lost a bit of weight
  • I started taking vitamins, (B12 & D)
  • I had more energy than before, I didn’t crash at 3pm like I usually do
  • I felt inspired to learn more about how eating less meat benefits the world, your health and the animals

There were only two occasions where I was tempted to cheat, but I stayed strong and found the experience to be easier than I expected. I’m proud to say I made it through the first month and I’m well into the second.


From Meat to Beet

Why I started a plant-based diet

For a long time I had been interested in ways to make positive change in the world . I’ve done my research and discovered one of the leading causes of environmental destruction is Animal Agriculture, which is the mass production of animals for human consumption. While there are many issues with slaughterhouses and the cruel treatment of animals, my journey began with the idea that I could help save the planet by reducing the amount of meat in my diet.