quick quesadilla

15 Minutes ‘Til Dinner

Veggie DInner in 30 minutes or less

I think we can all relate to the end of the day slump. We worked hard all day, went to the gym, showered and now it’s 7:30pm and there is no dinner in sight. Instead of opening up that Uber Eats app try making this instead:


These are a miracle food! You can honestly create this meal in less than 15 minutes with whatever you have on hand. Granted, you will need tortillas and maybe some avocados to make them truly delicious. A good combination to start with is: bell peppers, onion, jalapeno, black beans and cheddar cheese.

  • Saute the vegetables until tender in one pan, use your favourite taco seasoning.
  • Saute the black beans with the jalapeno pepper until they start to crumble, you can add cumin, salt and pepper to these bad boys
  • Shred as much cheddar as you want, the more the better imo
  • Clean out one of the pans you’ve used and put your tortilla on it while it’s hot
  • fill one side with your peppers, beans and cheese and wait until the tortilla gets crispy
  • Carefully use your egg flipper and toss that bad boy onto the other side
  • Let it crisp up
  • Once it’s done cut it into 4 pieces, top with sour cream, avocado, salsa and sriracha

BOOM! Dinner in less than 15.



Plant Based Protein

But what about protein?

This is probably THE MOST COMMON question anyone will hear from a carnivore who doesn’t know about the wonderful world of plant protein. In Western society the word protein is associated with chicken, beef and fish – not beans, legumes, and ancient grains. This is a cultural norm that has developed over time, largely due to successful marketing for meat and dairy in the standard “healthy” diet.

For more information about different types of plant-based protein, visit this blog post:  Plant Based Protein: 6 Common Questions Answered.